What position should I play in basketball

This is a fairly common question that is asked among players usually that are beginning to get accustomed to playing the game of basketball. Even so, veteran players sometimes switch positions further down in their career perhaps to learn a new playing style, because their height doesn’t match their position anymore or a myriad of other reasons. First, let’s go over the five positions in basketball and the importance of each.

We’ll start at the point guard position. This position is usually the smallest and most agile player on the floor. They take the ball up and set up the offense. They usually have the best ball-handling skills on the floor if played correctly and really control the game. There are two different types of style of play that point guards usually lean towards but some point guards are so diverse they can do both. Point guards such as Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls have a style of play as a facilitator. He tends to be most effective when he drives to the basket and causes the defense to react and cover him that almost always gives an open passing lane to a player to score near the basket. This style of play can be extremely effective because the point guard allows other players to be ten times more effective with being spoon-fed easy shot opportunities.  The second style of play is a point guard that is much more of an offensive powerhouse then as a facilitator. These types of guards also have extreme awareness on the court and have the ability to create shots for themselves from passes and even off the dribble. Steph Curry is an example of this even though he fulfills both of these roles simultaneously.

The second position is the shooting guard and is usually the second shortest person on the team but are usually taller than point guards. Their primarily role is take shots and score and drive to the basket. They usually are incredibly athletic and are great playmakers. Some shooting guards can sometimes fulfill the role of the small forward as well and are referred to as swingmen.

The small forward is known as being a three or third position, the point guard being a one, and the shooting guard being a two. Small forwards are usually a lot learner, more agile, and sometimes shorter than power forwards and centers but not always. Small forwards are typically expected to score frequently, providing excellent defense and being secondary rebounders. Some are tasked with many passing assignments and some are incredible shooters. Because of the shot selection that a small forward usually gets, they must have a high free-throw shooting percentage to remain effective as they typically draw a lot of contact.

The power forward also known as the four or fourth position is also to referred to as playing the post position. Power forwards are quite similar to a center’s style of play. They typically play offensively with their backs to the basket to receive passes and post up their defenders. Sometimes they play zone defense near the basket and provide secondary block coverage if someone loses their man or they play man-to-man coverage against the opposing power forward. They are responsible for providing a high amount of rebounds for the team and usually scores at the mid-range area (about 12ft-18ft).

The center is known as the five or fifth position and is almost always the tallest player on the team. They are almost always near the lane close to the basket on both offense and defense. They usually provide the most amount of rebounds for the team and also play with their backs to the basket on offense most of the time. They can be especially effective when being aggressive and causing the defense to collapse on a center usually opening up passing lanes to guards and the small forward to hit three point shots.

Now that you know every position in basketball, I would try to find the position that you enjoy the most and develop your skills that cater to that particular position. Hopefully this article can help you answer the question of, “What position should I play in basketball?”