Here all the full highlights for the slam dunk competition for 2016. This slam dunk competition was the most thrilling and exciting one that I have laid witness to in a very long time. It even rivals the Michael Jordan and Dominque Wilkins slam dunk competitions of the past. In most slam dunk competitions, there is usually one player that shines above the rest and really gets the crowd going but in the slam dunk competition of 2016, there were two standouts by a large margin, Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine. Aaron Gordon had near perfect dunks that were very flashy and creative. Zach did as well, but I think he was favored because of winning last year’s slam dunk competition, he was given higher scores when Aaron didn’t get the same scores, even though his dunks were just as impressive and difficult. There is somewhat of a controversy as to who should have won, and I strongly believe Aaron Gordon should have won instead of Zach LaVine. Do you agree or disagree that Aaron should of won or do you feel that Zach’s win was well justified? Let me know in the comments below.