how to shoot a basketball

If you aspire to improve upon your field goal percentage or perhaps develop similar form as Steph Curry, then you need to master the raw fundamentals of how to shoot a basketball. We are only covering how to shoot a shot, not on how to shoot on the run or off-balanced with a defender disrupting your vision.

How to shoot a basketball

Each step is equally important and once learned, must be repeated over and over for it to eventually become second nature. Practice is vital in developing great shooting technique. The first step is to keep your eyes focused on the target (the front of the rim). Keep your eyes focused on the target even after the shot. The second step is to have great stance and balance. Your feet should be shoulder width apart for good balance. Your feet should be in a slightly staggered stance with your dominant foot (usually going to be your right) a little bit in front of your other foot. Position your feet in the direction of the basket. When you find a stance that is most comfortable to you, use the same exact stance whenever you are lining up to take a shot. Flex/bend your knees during the shooting motion while keeping consistency in mind.

When receiving a pass that is going to turn into a shot, keep your eyes on the target, get into stance, and then put the ball into the shot pocket immediately. This pocket is slightly different for each play but usually is a couple inches above the waist. Once this is mastered, you will want to focus on improving your release time (the time between receiving the pass and the shot going off). Remember to grip the ball firmly and to use the same shot pocket for every shot you take. A lot of becoming good at basketball and sports in general is the ability to master the fundamentals and to be able to repeat them over and over again.

Your non-shooting hand, most likely this is going to be your left hand, is only to be used to balance the trajectory of the ball with the hand on the side of the basketball. It is not to be used for power or spin. Your non-shooting hand always leaves the ball before your shooting hand does. That is a rule.

The ball should start in an upright motion directly upwards from your shot pocket. Your shooting elbow should be comfortably underneath the basketball. Right before the release, the ball should always be ahead of you and never behind your head. Your elbow and wrist should extend in a straight line toward the basket. Your shooting hand should extend in a straight line towards the rim. Hand position is key and the ball should come off the hand in a perfect symmetrical backspin.

Release the ball on the way up, just before the top of your jump. Bend your knees and use your legs to power yourself into the air. You should land in the same exact position that you jumped from. Sometimes this isn’t always possible in difficult shots during game-time but is still an important fundamental. It stresses to have a good stance and stability. The last and final step is always follow-through with your shot. Your wrists should be relaxed on the release and still extended forward. Fingers should be pointed at the direction of the rim. Always finish high and to keep this stance until the basketball hits the rim or you hit the shot head-on. Rinse and repeat these steps and after hundreds of hours of practice, you will have an incredible jump-shot with fantastic form!