Here are some tips and guidelines to follow if you are looking to increase your vertical leap. Maybe you are a basketball player and want to know how you can literally increase your vertical by inches and even feet. These tips will definitely put you in the right direction in your quest to learn how to jump higher.

Your vertical jump is greatly affected by your overall leg strength. This isn’t the only thing that matters though, it is imperative to have excellent core strength as well. To improve your overall leg strength and learn how to jump higher, you’ll want to put an emphasis on leg-based routines that still incorporate the whole body. To really increase your vertical by inches, you’ll want to focus on developing great form and incorporating the squat into your routine.

How to jump higher fast

how to jump higher


Squats are one of the best if not the best leg exercise that can potentially add pounds of muscle to your frame, turn your legs into tree-trunks, and give you incredible leaping power. I would incorporate a program like Jim Wendel’s 5/3/1 and focus on squatting considerable amounts of weight (building up to about 80% of your one rep max). Perfect your form and add weight to this routine, and you’ll be jumping higher in a very short amount of time. I would also incorporate other leg exercises as well to supplement. Things like Calf Raises, Leg  Curls, and Leg Presses.

Another type of training that I would definitely incorporate is plyometric training also commonly referred to as jump training. This type of training will help with the endurance aspect of being able to jump high and repeatedly throughout your sport, such as a basketball game.

I would incorporate the Jump Squat. Basically you do a normal body weight squat, and when you are at the lowest point of the squat, you explode upwards, with your arms in the air, and you leap off the ground. Do this repeatedly for one minute and I guarantee your legs will be burning and you will be exhausted but jump squats are well worth it to improve your vertical.

Another squat based plyometric exercise I really like is the Stance Squat Switch Pick Ups. You start off in a running stance with your front heel close to your back foot. You do 4 body squats, then you jump and turn 180 degrees and then quietly landing on your feet in the opposite direction that you started. You do another 4 squats and you repeat this sequence.

Jump Knee Tucks are also incredibly exhausting but rewarding. Start at an upright position and bend your knees and explode upwards while also bending and lifting your knees upward. Do all three of these plyometric exercises for a minute and then rest for about 25 seconds and repeat. If you do all of these exercises in addition to the squat, you will learn how to jump higher in record breaking time.