Here you’ll find the best ways to improve your game on both a defensive and offensive level. These basketball tips are definitely what you should consider if you want to reach the next level of play.

  1. Focus on conditioning first. All great basketball players also happen to be great athletes in general. The more time you put into cardio and conditioning as well as strength training, you will see your performance on the court dramatically go up.
  2. Create concrete and attainable goals in regards to your physical conditioning. Write them down and visualize achieving them. If your goal is to increase your vertical by ten inches, then systematically work on plyometric training as well as exercises that will strengthen your legs such as heavy squat-based training.
  3. Focus on core development basketball skills. Practically every basketball skill is learned, reinforced, and improved through repetition. Once you have learned the proper way of shooting, dribbling, and passing, reinforce these skills and repeat them until they become second-nature. During a game you should not have to think about dribbling the basketball, you should just do it and keep your head up and read and react to the defense. It is incredibly important when learning the fundamentals that you learn correct form. Good habits are reinforced through repetition as well as bad habits.
  4. Before every practice and game, shoot the same 50 easy shots before a game. Making easy shots over and over reinforces in your mind that you are a great and confident shooter and player. This will get you into a shooting groove before any game or practice situation.
  5. Methodically chart all the shots you take in a game and in practice. By doing this, you will notice that you make almost all of your in-the-paint shots and will reinforce your conscience that you are a great shooter from this area. By doing this, you are gathering all the data that you need to analyze what areas need improvement and what areas that you excel at. This will reveal holes and strengths in your game that you might not have realized you had.
  6. The number one and obvious basketball tip is, PRACTICE. Practice infact, does make perfect. Confidence is never developed without practice. By repetitively doing something over and over again, you eventually become confident. You should be practicing all the time. I hope you enjoyed these basketball tips and use them to elevate your game!